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Governor of the Kostroma region – Sergey K. Sitnikov.

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Kostroma region

The Kostroma region is located in the north-western part of the Central economic area. The region occupies a significant territory 60,000, its population is a little less than 660,000 people. The region’s administrative center is Kostroma, located 330 km. of Moscow.

More than 70% of the region’s area is covered with woods, which are the basic natural resource of the region.

Main branches of economy:

  • Industry – 37%
  • Trade – 12%
  • Agriculture – 11%
  • Transport and communication – 10%
  • Building activities – 5%
  • Other branches – 25%

 Kostroma region has at the disposal various mineral resources which nowadays are far from being used at the full range. There are: phosphate rock, oil shales, mineral paints, glass-melting sand, molding sand, clay and loam for producing ceramic bricks and expanded clay, raw materials for rockwool.

 The regional transport system is stable and reliable: the region is crossed by the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Volga ensures links with the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas. The climatic conditions  permit steady navigation during 5-6 months per year. The Kostroma river port is situated in Kostroma City. Federal highways cross the territory of the region ensuring transport connections with the Urals, St.Petersburg, the northern and central regions of Russia.

 Kostroma region produces more energy than consumes. The Kostroma Hydroelectric Power Plant is one the biggest and efficient power plants in Russia. The electric power industry amounts to 32% of Gross regional product. The link-up price is one of the lowest in Central Russia.

More than 2.5 thousand monuments of history and architecture survive here to the present days. The unique heritage of Kostroma region is an integral part of Russian national history.

Nowadays the region is on the way of intensive development – in terms of investment attractiveness, strengthening of the industrial sector and the social sphere, creation of new technologies and innovative products. Our efforts are directed to creation of the most favourable conditions for investors, we accompany projects at all stages of their realization, form the industrial platforms provided with necessary infrastructure.


Welcome to hospitable Kostroma land!