Standard on the activities of regional authorities in terms of providing favourable investment climate in Kostroma region

This Investment Standard was developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The Standard is the minimum list of requirements which implementation will increase the investment flow to the Kostroma region, form the infrastructure for effective communication between business and regional authorities.

This document contains measures aimed to improve the investment attractiveness of the region, protect the rights of investors and increase the transparency of business support.

Standard also aims to create favorable conditions in the region for business development, improve the investment climate and implement incentives for all participants in the investment process.

Adaptation of the Standard in Kostroma region is implemented on the basis of Roadmap timeline developed by the Department of investment and industrial policy of the Kostroma region administration and approved by Kostroma region governor. The Roadmap is a step by step formalized plan outlining specific measures to implement the requirements of the Standard and the terms of their performance.