Multifunctional Park "Borok"


Creation of Multifunctional Park "Borok" is planned to organize on the territory of Buj municipal district – on the area which is planned for the construction of Buj Atomic Power Station.

Factors of competitiveness

- Well-developed engineering infrastructure;

- Easy logistics;

- High level of human resources.


On the territory of the industrial district there are four types of greenfield investment sites with total area of 240 hectares. Territory is free for construction and development.


- Location of energy-intensive industries (chemical industry, mechanical engineering);

- Wood-processing industry;

- Production of building materials;

- Logistic center.

Selecting the area of Multifunctional Park "Borok" for location of wood-processing enterprises is underlined by availability of large forest resources with total volume of 774.2 thousand m³.


- Power supply – substation "Borok" 220/110/10 kV with total capacity of 250 MW;

- Gas supply - gas pipeline of high pressure P <0,6 MPa (II category) “Buj City - Chistye Bory village - Susanino village”;

- Possibility of artesian wells construction.


Potential projects for implementation are as follows:

- deep processing of wood;

- production of furniture;

- construction of a fertilizer plant;

- OSB-boards production;

- construction of a brick factory;

- creation of a logistic center.

Total investments required for creation of the multifunctional park amount to 10 billion roubles.