Multifunctional Industrial Park


Kostroma City of Kostroma region.

Total area – 270 ha.

There are both unused land plots, as well as formed property complexes provided with necessary infrastructure.

 Factors of competitiveness

- favourable transport-and-geographical location;

- high level of skilled labour;

- well-developed infrastructure;

- support for projects implementation.


Automotive industry, production of building materials, steel structures, creation of inter-regional logistics center.

 Anchor residents

CJSC "Kostroma Autocomponents Production Plant", CJSC "Mezhregion Torg Invest", LLC "Furniture Factory №7" (Mr. Doors), OJSC "Concern Medved", LLC "Voskhod".


1. Power supply:

- Substation 220 kV "Motordetal" 220/110/10, capacity of 315 MW.

2. Gas supply:

- Gas distribution network of Kostroma City. Available capacity – 1000 cubic meters per hour.

3. Heat supply:

- Boiler house with water-heating and steam-generating units. Boiler’s released power – 75 Gcal per hour, with the reserve of 50 Gcal per hour. Boiler’s total capacity by grid water – 200 Gcal per hour, by steam – 10 tons per hour.

4. Water supply and wastewater disposal:

- Domestic and potable water supply is provided by 5 wells. Available capacity – 100 cubic meters per hour;

- Recycling water supply is provided by 2 cooling-towers, capacity of 1 300 and 1 200 cubic meters per hour. Available capacity – 500 cubic meters per hour;

- Discharge of domestic and industrial waste water is provided by city’s sewers (150 cubic meters per hour). Sewage treatment is carried out through buffer pond with aeration system (annual capacity of 900 cubic meters).


Potential projects for implementation are as follows:

- foundry engineering;

- automotive components production;

- metalware production;

- municipal vehicles production and municipal engineering;

- logistic center construction.

Total investments required for creation of the industrial park amount to 10 billion roubles. There are no additional expenses due to availability of all the necessary infrastructure.