Industrial Parks "Sharya" and "Manturovo"


Manturovo and Sharya municipal districts of Kostroma region.

Factors of competitiveness

1. Large reserves of raw materials.

2. Easy logistics.

3. Energy security.

4. High level of human resources.

5. Availability of large industrial complexes.


On the territory of the timber cluster it is planned to create two industrial parks – "Sharya" and "Manturovo".

1. Industrial Park "Sharya".

Industrial Park "Sharya" is situated in Sharya municipal district of Kostroma region.

Total area is 2000 ha (Greenfield).


2. Industrial Park "Manturovo."

Industrial Park "Manturovo" is situated in Manturovo municipal district of Kostroma region.

Total area of ​​the industrial district is 400 ha (Greenfield).



Main specialization of intermunicipal timber cluster is location of wood-processing enterprises, as well as mechanical engineering and chemical industries in the sphere of timber complex.



LLC "Kronostar", OJSC "Manturovo Plywood Production Plant", LLC "Kronolesprom", LLC "Timber Complex".


- Electric power supply – substation "Zvezda" 500 kV with installed capacity of 405 MVA.

- Gas supply – pipeline (under construction) and gas distribution station.

- Availability of motorway "Kostroma – Sharya – Kirov - Perm", which is part of transport corridor "St. Petersburg - Ekaterinburg"; the railroad.


The following projects are possible to implement on the territory of timber cluster:

• OSB-boards production;

• Particleboard, MDF boards production;

• Plywood production;

• Construction of a house-building factory;

• Glued laminated lumber production;

• Production of furniture components made of birch;

• Construction of a furniture factory;

• Parquet (hardwood) production;

• Melamine resin production;

• Creation of a logistic center;

• Production of logging equipment;

• Production of wood-processing equipment;

• Creation of forest selection and seed production center;

Total investments planned to develop the territory of the industrial district amount to more than 100 billion roubles.

Costs on land purchase are estimated at 100 million roubles.