Industrial Park “Volgorechensky”

Plan on creation of Industrial Park "Volgorechensky"


Volgorechensk City of Kostroma region.

Total area – 2 500 ha.

 Factors of competitiveness

- favourable transport-and-geographical location;

- well-developed infrastructure;

- support for projects implementation;

- successful experience of projects implementation;

- personnel training for exact production.


Energy-intensive forms of industrial production: metallurgy, mechanical engineering; chemical industry, building materials production, including production of bricks. In addition, in the area it is advisable to locate enterprises of food-processing industry and agro-industrial complex (greenhouse facility, edible fish industry, etc.).

 Anchor residents

OJSC “Gazpromtrubinvest”, LLC “NOV Kostroma”, Kostroma Hydroelectric Power Plant.


1. Power supply:

- Substation 110/35/10 kV, capacity of 25 MW;

- Substation 110/35/6 kV, capacity of 10 MW.

2. Gas supply:

- Gas distribution station is situated at the distance of 1 km from land plot’s border.

3. Heat supply:

- From gas boiler house or centralized heat supply from Kostroma Hydroelectric Power Plant (at the distance of 6 km from land plot’s border).

4. Water extraction installations – at the distance of 1.5 km from land plot’s border.

5. Sewerage installations – at the distance of 5.5 km from land plot’s border.

6. Transport infrastructure:

- Motorway with asphalt surface – 17 km, natural soil road – 2 km;

- Single-track head railway line Furmanov - Volgorechensk.


Potential investment projects planned for implementation:

- construction of a steel plant;

- production of medium-diameter pipes;

- production of machines and equipment;

- construction of a brick factory;

- creation of a green house facilities;

- fish breeding sector;

- chemical industry.

Total investments required for creation of the industrial park amount to over 100 billion roubles.