Agro-Industrial Park

On the territory of Kostroma region it is planned to create a unique rabbit breeding complex.


Currently, in the framework of the project:

• land plot for project implementation is prepared;

• rabbit breeding complex is built;

• unique rabbit breeding technologies, mixed feed formula, typical design solutions for construction of rabbit breeding complexes are developed;

• production distribution to large retail networks is implemented.

Agro-Industrial Park is an industrial district of private ownership. The management company is LLC "Russian Rabbit" as the project’s initiator.


The main activities of the industrial district are as follows:

1. Organization of the industrial sector of rabbit breeding in Kostroma region based on the cluster approach;

3. Industrial rabbit breeding with full cycle of finished products processing;

4. Production of equipment, feed, breeding stock, that are necessary for industrial breeding;

5. Provision of services to residents (veterinary, consultancy, transport services, slaughtering and processing of livestock, accounting, etc.);

6. Design and construction of new enterprises.

 Total investment volume of the industrial district creation amounts to 1.1 billion roubles. It will be created more than 750 new working places.