Industrial districts of the Kostroma Region


Industrial districts

One of the actual strategic targets of Kostroma region economic policy is creation of industrial districts.

Industrial district is a part of the Kostroma region territory where the integrated development is being implemented based on the priority placement of industrial, agricultural enterprises, scientific, logistic organizations and facilities.

In accordance with current legislation, industrial districts in the region can be created in the following forms:

 It is planned to create six industrial districts in Kostroma region depending on the characteristics of exact areas, level of industrial development, social and engineering infrastructure:

  • in 2014 - 2017:

- Multifunctional Industrial Park;

- Industrial Park "Volgorechensky";

- Industrial Park "Soligalich".

  • in 2018 - 2025:

- Agro-Industrial Park;

- Multifunctional Park "Borok";

- Industrial Parks "Sharya" and "Manturovo" (intermunicipal timber cluster).