Major industrial companies of Kostroma region

OJSC « Plant of Welding Materials»  

(Sudislavl Kostroma region)

The enterprise produces general-purpose electrodes with the diameter of 1,6; 2; 2,5; 3; 3,25; 4; 5mm for high-alloy steel welding.

All the plant’s products have Ministry of public health hygienic certificates and conformity certificates of national standard.

Raw materials are supplied by «Rotex» (Chelyabinsk City of the Russian Federation).

Also since 2010 the plant produces copper-plated wire which is used for electric arc welding of low-carbon steel and low-alloyed steel at the protective gases environment. For copper-plated wire production there was purchased special equipment from Italy.

LLC «Concern Medved» Industrial Sector No. 7»

«Concern «Medved» is a modern enterprise which was founded in 1994. In 1997  the plant produced samples of radiators, later  the production of ventilators was started.

Nowadays «Concern «Medved» is the manufacturer of ventilating and heating, energy saving and heat exchanging equipment. The assortment is represented by almost two thousand articles. Main types of products are: heat screens, radiators, air heaters, air heating aggregates, plate heat exchangers, ventilators, temperature regulators etc.

The enterprise has its own tool maintenance department, electromechanical section, own engineering basis that uses the automated designing means and allows to work actively on production modernization and diversification. The production is certified according to the standard ISO 9001.

The company exports to many regions of Russia  (Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk), as well as  to Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Baltic countries, Iran, Mongolia, Bulgaria. 

OJSC «Autocrane Plant»

(Galich Kostroma region)

The enterprise was founded in 1945 as the moto-mechanical plant. Nowadays the plant takes the second place among Russia and CIS countries in autocranes production providing about 20% of all-russian volume.

The company’s structure allows to produce the wide range of cranes with hoisting capacity of 25 to 80 tons. There are 45 models now,  6 models at the development. 

In 2011 the production of new models of autocranes: КS-55729-3V (hoisting capacity of 32 tons), КS-65721-6 (hoisting capacity of 60 tons), КS-65713-7 (hoisting capacity of 50 tons) was started.

Now the enterprise is starting up the production of the following autocranes models: КS-65721 (hoisting capacity of 60 t), КS-74713 (hoisting capacity of 80 t), КS-74713-1 (hoisting capacity of 80 t), КS-74713-6 (hoisting capacity of 80 t), КС-64721-2 (hoisting capacity of 60 t), and autocrane prototype product with the hoisting capacity of 100 t.

Nowadays the service and dealer centre network is organized in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Stavropol, in the Far East, Urals, Tatarstan and Kazakhstan. The enterprise regularly participates in interregional and international construction equipment exhibitions.

LLC «Stromneftemash»

LLC «Stromneftemash» was founded in 2008 on the basis of Kostroma plant «Strommachine». Company’s founder is LLC «TROJIANIS INVESTMENTS LIMITED» (Republic of Cyprus).

The plant produces equipment for crushing and grinding and for the oil-and-gas sector. The large production share is foundry manufacturing – spare parts for grinding mills, crushers, loading equipment. All the products have necessary certificates.

The enterprise has its own preparing, mechanical processing, experimental, metallurgical production. It also implements some additional services such as technological lines designing, obtaining permits and approvals, equipment manufacturing, delivery and service maintenance.

The company’s consumers are «Gazprom Drilling», «Rosneft»,  «Surgutneftegaz»,  «Gazprom»,  «Burgaz»,  «Tatneft»  «TNK», companies from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. 

CJSC «Electromechanical Plant «Pegas»

It was founded in 1992 as the result of Kostroma electromechanical plant conversion. Initially the project «Pegas» had been created for hard magnetic disks’ drives production which completely stopped in 1993 due to outdated technologies.

Since 1995 the enterprise specializes on engine control microprocessor system for «VAZ» car engines elements. Nowadays the company actively expands the range of products for such models as «Lada Kalina», «Lada Priora», «Chevrolet Niva».

There is a quality management system inculcated at the enterprise which is certified by German company “TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH” according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO/ТS 16949-2002.

Enterprise’s  production-technological complex includes more than 500 units of equipment, its own designing, technological, engineering, commercial and quality management services.

There are following productions at the enterprise: instrumental, preparing, stamping, galvanic, mechanical processing productions, non-ferrous metals casting, plastic under pressure production, polymeric coatings production, assembling production.

CJSC «Kostroma Autocomponents Plant»

The enterprise was founded in 2004 году on the basis of OJSC «Kostroma Plant «Motordetal’» that was initially founded in 1967.

Since 2010 CJSC «Kostroma Autocomponents Plant» produces engine components for diesel and carburetor motor cars.

The assortment of piston-cylinder group components and filters involves all Russian technique with following engines – VAZ, ZMZ, UMZ, ZIL, VMTZ, MMZ, KAMAZ, SMD, АMZ, as well as Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Iveko, Perkins, Renault etc.

The company’s products are delivered for all Russian regions through the regional representatives’ network. The production is exported to  26 foreign countries. The main consumers are «KAMAZ», «Yaroslavl Engines Producing Plant», «Minsk Engines Producing Plant», «Ulianovsk Engines Producing Plant», «Altai Engines Producing Plant», Concern Kolbenschmidt, Burkert Fahrzeugteile GmbH, MS Motor Service International GmbH (Germany), DMI (Great Britain), ERS Engineering Corp. (USA), GEA Grasso (the Netherlands), MOTOR'S, CCC Srl. (Italy), Perkins Engines Company Ltd. (Great Britain), H. CEGIELSKI (Poland), Anglo Belgium Corporation (Belgium), Bergmann Automotive GmbH (Germany), MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH (Germany) etc.

In 2011 the company signed the contract with German concern «Kolbenschmidt», that will allow to use new technologies of the largest internal combustion engines manufacturer.

It is planned to use new melting area and heat treatment area for the production of pistons for new Renault engines, according to the agreement with «Renault-Nissan». 

OJSC «Kostroma Ship-Building and Ship-Repairing Plant»

It was founded in 1930 as the «Kostroma Shipyard». In 2001 «Kostroma Shipyard» was reorganized as OJSC «Kostroma ship-building and ship-repairing plant».

The plant is situated at the place of  Kostroma and Volga rivers’ junction. Favourable geographical location provides a great opportunity for vessels sediment, as well as for repairing works.

OJSC «Kostroma ship-building and ship-repairing  plant» is oriented for oil tankers and dry cargo vessels production.

There is a line for primary processing of metal and gas supply for the heating camera. Furthermore there is a machine for plasma cutting of metal. 

All the vessels correspond to international conventions with the right for port entrance.

The contract for construction of two tankers with the hoisting capacity of 5400 tons has been signed. The customer is LLC «Transpetrochart».

CJSC «Kosmoelectro»

CJSC «Kosmoelectro» was founded in 2002 on the basis of  former Minradioprom that had a great experience in  producing of radio and electrical equipment. 

CJSC «Kosmoelectro» is one of the leading enterprises in Central Russia in  producing of high-quality switchboard equipment for the industrial and civil construction. The company constantly diversifies the production.

The enterprise  has all the necessary equipment for designing and producing of the own standard and non-standard metal constructions, that allow to carry out the orders at any non-standard equipment.

The enterprise’s production is in great demand in Central Russia, Moscow and Moscow region. 



The enterprise produces plywood, glued plywood, chipboards, laminated boards. Kostroma Plywood Producing Plant was founded in 1913. In 1954 Kostroma furniture factory «Kostromamebel’» was joined with OJSC «Fanplit», and Plywood Producing Plant took the name of «Plywood Plant».

In 2001 the new laminated boards workshop was opened. Also in 2001 the construction of workshop for large-shaped plywood production started up.

Currently the enterprise produces furniture materials which are in great demand in foreign countries.

Nowadays the enterprise is included in the group of woodworking companies SVEZA.

Group of companies “Sveza” was founded in 1997.  More than 70% of company’s production is exported to Western Europe and North America.

The production has modern equipment of famous companies such as «Raute» (Finland), «Cooper», «Mayer» (Germany), «Kremona» (Italy).

The enterprise pays special attention to the environment protection, safety and health of employees. 

LLC «Kronostar»

LLC «Kronostar» is the largest investment project at the Russian woodworking sector. Today LLC «Kronostar» is the largest manufacturer of chipboards and fiberboards in Russia.

The plant produces:

  • chipboards;
  • fiberboards;
  • laminated chipboards;
  • laminated fiberboards;
  • laminated floors, wall panels.

«Kronostar» plant is engineered on the basis of long-term global experience of "Swiss Krono Group" in the sphere of new woodworking technologies, equipment and resources.

The enterprise actively participates in Russian and international exhibitions such as  "MosBuild", exhibition at the «Expocentr» complex (Moscow), international exhibitions «Furniture» (Kazakhstan), “DOMOTEX HANNOVER” (Germany) and others. 

LLC «BKLM-Activ»

 (Large Kostroma Linen Textile Mill)

LLC «BKLM-Activ» is one of the oldest textile enterprises in Russia. 

Nowadays the factory is one of the leading textile mills not only in the Kostroma region but in whole Russia. The enterprise produces linen fabrics: fabrics for bed and table linen, clothes and bags fabrics, wide range of sewing products.

There are more than 1500 units of technological equipment at the enterprise. The LLC «BKLM-Activ» is one of the first enterprises which in 2006 obtained the certificate of quality management system according to the standard ISO 9000. The main distribution markets are Russia and European countries such as Belgium, Germany and France.   

Joint Venture «Kokhloma»

Kostroma Cotton Spinning Factory was founded in 1853. The plant produces cotton yarn, including yarn of high grade (with high grade numbers). Current capacity is about 800 tons of cotton yarn per month by the rotor way.

Raw materials (cotton) are delivered  from CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) and USA.

The enterprise’s finished products are delivered to textile companies of Russia, CIS countries (Republic of Belarus), Germany, Latvia, Serbia.

The factory has successfully implemented two investment projects of total value of 545 million roubles. 320 working places have been created.

The plant is equipped by modern machinery: MASCHINENFABRIK RIETER (German), Schlafhorst & Truetzsоhler (Switzerland). Cotton yarn is tested at the laboratory equipment «Uster Technologies» (Switzerland). 

LLC «Оrbita»

LC «Orbita» was put into operation in 1972. Nowadays the enterprise produces children’s clothes under the trade mark “Orby” – one of the largest Russian manufacturers of designer clothes for children.

The company started the retail network development in 2006 when it began to use the “Total-look” system for its collections creation.

Today LLC «Orbita» stably keeps sales markets and uses its own raw materials. It constantly renews the product range of outwear clothes for children according to seasons changing.

The production is in the great demand in Russia and foreign countries and has many awards and certificates of interregional and international exhibitions.

The enterprise opened stores in many Russian regions (Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Moscow and others) and CIS countries – in general there are about 90 stores. 

OJSC «Кrasnoselsky Yuvelirprom» (Jewellery Plant)

OJSC «Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom» was founded in 1992 on the basis of production association of the same name at the place of ancient jewellery business, which appeared in the 17th century. 

Nowadays OJSC «Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom» is one of the largest jewellery enterprises in Russia with 90 year history, where a lot of hereditary masters works.

The company has been able to save and develop the traditions of jewellery skill.

The jewellers create high-quality articles made of gold, silver and non-ferrous metals, different decorations, souvenirs made of precious and non-ferrous metals, crockery using the filigree technique.

The enterprise’s production takes the main share of the region’s total amount of jewellery articles. Moreover, the company is one of the Russian leaders in production of jewellery articles made of silver.

OJSC «Krasnoselsky Yuvelirprom» plays an important social-economic role providing the large number of working places and transferring the large volume of tax payments to the budget.  

The enterprise actively participates in interregional and international jewellery exhibitions in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Switzerland, France, USA, Germany, UAE and others.

OJSC «Kostroma»

The publishing-polygraghic company OJSC “Kostroma” was established on the basis of publishing company “Severnaya Pravda”.

The main kind of activity of OJSC “Kostroma” is printing services and publishing.

The company produces the following printing products: tear-off calendar, book and journal production, newspapers, polygraghic production specially protected from fakes, goods of cultural and household purpose, blanks, printed labels, packaging.