Jewellery production

The Kostroma region is known as the land where the largest and most famous jewellery companies are located. Here the lion’s share of all-russian jewellery articles is produced.

Throughout the centuries there was the formation of Russian jewellery traditions as the foundation of the future industry. Today the Kostroma region hasn’t even lost its position but strengthens them more and more.

Today our industry is represented by the largest factories such as “Krasnoselskiy Yuvelirprom” OJSC and “Kostroma Jewellery Plant” OJSC, and by many young companies – “Topaz”, “Akvamarin”, “Intaliya”, “Diamant” etc. – which have excellent reputation.

In the Kostroma region every last Sunday in June is officially proclaimed as the Day of the jeweller.

To this date the major jewellery event of the year is scheduled – traditional jewellery festival “The Golden Ring of Russia” which has an international status.

Today the Kostroma region administration pays special attention to the development of the almost existing jewellery cluster in the region.

The main purposes of the cluster creation are:

  • consolidation of all the region’s resources in order to bring innovations to the industry;
  • creation of equal conditions for fair competition of Russian jewellery companies with the foreign enterprises;
  • creation of favourable conditions for small business development in the jewellery industry;
  • creation of new modern innovative production and working places.

The measures of jewellery cluster creation and development will allow to increase the number of economic entities by 50% by 2020; increase the volume of gold and silver processing to the level of 50% of all-russian volume; increase the total jewellery production by 50%; create a lot of new working places and increase the total volume of human resources; increase tax revenues; accelerate the investment processes.

Moreover, in order to support the cluster implementation and development in the Kostroma region there is a regional program “State support of jewellery industry 2009-2013”.

As the result of all these activities it will be the image strengthening of the Kostroma region as the jewellery capital of Russian Federation, increasing the region’s tourist attractiveness, improving of the consumer confidence in the Russian jewellery production as an art symbol.