Kostroma Region Guarantee Fund

State Enterprise of the Kostroma region "Guarantee Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of the Kostroma region" was created by the regional administration in 2010 under the program "Development of small and medium business in Kostroma region in 2009-2013".

The purpose of creation of the Guarantee Fund is to support lending to small and medium enterprises and infrastructure providing in Kostroma region.

The main activity of the Guarantee Fund is to provide guarantees on liabilities for small and medium enterprises based on credit and loan agreements.

To date, the Guarantee Fund has supported more than 45 small and medium-sized businesses in Kostroma region operating in different industries such as trade, agriculture, manufacturing, and others. Total volume of guarantees amounted to more than 112 million roubles, total volume of credits and loans amounted to more than 338 million roubles.