Measures of the administrative support of the investment activities

Legal and organizational background and institutional conditions created on the territory of the Kostroma region favour the implementation of the efficient investment activities with the minimal investment risks. The developed system of the investment legislation stipulating many forms of the administrative support of investors at all stages of the investment project realization creates the conditions of transparency, logical simplicity and high protection of the investment activities, which minimize significantly the investment risks. 




- Budget assignments from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation for the implementation of the regional investment projects in the sphere of transport, municipal, energy infrastructure development.

Ordinance of the RF Government dd 01.03.2008 No. 134 «Concerning the adoption of the regulations for formation and usage of the budgetary provisions of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation».


- Possibility of the double lowering of the woodlot rental, used for the investment project implementation, listed as prior in the area of the forest development within the period of its payback.

Ordinance of the RF Government dd 30.06.2007 No. 419 «Concerning the prior investment projects in the area of forest exploitation».


- Loans issuance, crediting, provision of guarantee and financing on the refunding base of the investment projects with the payback period exceeds 5 years and if the total investments account more than 2 billiard RUR.

 Federal Law dd 17.05.2007 No. 82-FL «Concerning the Development Bank», Edict of the RF Government dd 27.07.2007 No.1007-r.


- Financing for account of State corporations.

Certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation.



There is the most favorable treatment for the investment activities in the Kostroma region. This treatment is realized through the package of the following measures:

- Tax remissions within the payback period of the investment project (referred to the taxes of the regional budget). Objects of the investment can be completely exempted from the property taxes which is particularly important by implementing the large investment projects with the significant material and technical basis. A part of the profit tax subject to pay to the Kostroma region budget is also to be lowered from 18% up to 13,5%;

- Using the lower limits (among those stipulated by the current legislation)of payment for the Kostroma region resources usage including rental;

- Support in organization and maintenance of the investment project;

- Support of the investors by their applications and appeals to the Federal bodies of state power, to the bodies regulating the price formation on the monopolies services, to banks and other financial intermediary regarding the most favorable treatment usage towards them.

Law of the Kostroma region dd 14.10.1997 No. 12 «Concerning the investment activities in the Kostroma region».


- Tax remissions and other benefits provided by the bodies of the local authorities. It is about possibility of the complete or partial land tax exemption and about minimization of the rental for the property and land lots belonging to the municipality.

Certain legislative acts of the Kostroma region local authorities.